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Roybal, Man of the People Art Exhibition

This weekend was the opening of the group art show of works honoring the legacy of Edward Roybal who was the second Mexican American LA City Council member for 13 years and a US House of Representatives for 30 years. He supported affordable housing, fair employment, Bilingual Education, expanded Aids Research, low cost health programs for senior citizens. In creating the painting for the show I was very impressed with the work he contributed to our communities and his stance of creating and maintaining programs that benefitted a wide range of groups. He truly was a man of the people, there are many buildings named after him in Los Angeles and in the nation. The exhibit will be up for three weeks at El Tranquilo Gallery W-19 in Placita Olvera in Los Angeles from Jan. 6th - 30th. Many great works of art are on display, so be sure to check out the show if you live in the area. Below is the flyer and a photo of my recent painting.

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