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We Are Los Angeles, CCF Centennial Public Art Exhibit at Grand Park

November 12th - November 17th, 2016 30 angels will be on display at Grand Park across from City Hall celebrating the Centennial of California Community Foundation. The foundation commissioned 30 artists including myself to paint an angel. Enjoy the park and the 30 angels that will be on display throughout the park for 5 days of public art. Here is a link to CCF's page on my angel, Los Angeles Dreams.

Update: “Los Angeles Dreams” is on display at Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund – MALDEF, 634 S Spring St # 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Description of the meaning behind what I painted onto the angel

Los Angeles Dreams

My vision is that we honor and create spaces that have access to fresh organic food, green spaces where both humans and animal life can coexist. I dream of a county where you have access to public transportation, bike lanes, walkable streets, and affordable housing for all individuals. I dream that LA is a place where children can succeed in education, from their first days in pre-K to a Ph.D in college. I envision neighborhoods having access to organic gardens, community spaces, art centers, creative entrepreneurship, and a path to citizenship. The diversity of this county is an incredible asset and it makes it a very unique place where people from all over the world come to make home and dream big.

About We Are Los Angeles

With the belief that art can move, challenge and inspire us, the California Community Foundation commissioned 30 L.A. County-based artists to create art that explores pressing issues facing our region. The We Are Los Angeles exhibit of angel sculptures will be unveiled on November 12 at a special event open to the public at Grand Park on Downtown Los Angeles, featuring music, poetry and dance, and will be on display through November 17. The sculptures are inspired by CCF’s priorities for creating impact in the areas of the arts, civic engagement, education, health, housing, immigrant integration and youth empowerment. Together they represent the collective diversity and strength of Los Angeles.

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